My Journey as a Potter

My Journey as a Potter

The end of the Shed pottery


Chapter One

May 2017 my little shed arrived. I was so excited to be able to play with clay, for so long it had been a dream, I needed to de-stress from modern life and for me making things with my hands was my relaxation. 

The next four years I learnt what I could do with clay, making for myself to start with then little soap dishes because I could practice on them and help the environment.  My skills improved, until I was proud of what I had achieved, I also realised people liked what I made, my little Etsy shop grew and became a full blown website, I had to learn how to set this up and my photography skills improved too.  

2021 I had a little business and it had outgrown the Shed! I needed light, heat, a sink.

So this was the year we put our house on the market, so we could find a place that had room for a pottery.

Chapter Two

We moved to the Forest of Dean, the property was in a poor state and needed work to make it what we wanted.  

This was an exciting time as a family, not least because my lifetime partner was a mountain bike fan, but because we all love the outdoors and nature. The Wye Valley and Forest of Dean is a beautiful area.

January2022, Life had thrown up problems along the way and slowed things down, it had taken so much longer to re-open than expected. But I re-opened March 2022.

It had been a difficult time without the mindfulness of making things, COVID BREXIT had all forced me to close for seven months but mainly, I struggled after an important person in my life passed away.


For Dad 1937 - 2021 


 My pottery workshop in the Forest of Dean 

Pottery studio


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