About the Maker

I'm Amanda - Maker, Kiln loader, Order Packer, Website builder, Photographer

Hand building for me is my hands and a rolling pin. I use various rolling pins Textured hand rollers, a wooden rolling pin from the kitchen and a larger table top slab roller, that makes larger sheets.

I love the simplicity of working the clay with my hands. My pieces are tactile honest and organic you can see the marks my hands have made, I don't try to make things too straight as I don't want it to look mass produced or machine made the imperfections are the beauty of handmade.

I'm very keen on doing all I can to help the environment, I love this planet we all live on.  I love walking , feeding the hedgehogs and the birds in my garden so I can enjoy watching them.

My pottery started as a place to relax and switch off the every day stress.  Living in a busy town, I could only have a 8x6 foot shed on my patio, I would go outside in the evening with an extension lead for electric and a bucket of water.

At the start I was just learning what and how I could make things, I discovered little soap dishes where a good way to learn and I could go back to using soap bars in my home. Putting plastic in the bin was a pet hate of mine, I always felt guilty of littering the planet.

As I got better I started selling soap dishes on Etsy.  Until I outgrew my little shed and we decided to move closer to nature in the Forest of Dean.

So here I am, in a bigger pottery with electric supply. No water yet, so I'm still carrying a bucket.  Eventually I will have a rainwater harvesting system for my water.

The first online shop I opened  in 2018 is on Etsy is you would like to read more reviews click here

The full catalogue of stock is on this website. I hope you like what you find


I'm a small independent business working from a garden workshop, based in the Royal Forest of Dean. I have part time other job.


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