2023 a year in review

2023 a year in review

2023 was for me the first full twelve months with a purpose built pottery in the Forest of Dean.  I tried different markets and events in the area and meet the amazing FAROPEN group who organise an open studio fortnight in the summer and yes I will be doing this next year put the date in your diary 6th - 16th July 2024 I will be at Blakeney Village Hall GL15 4DW.

With a proper studio I'm able to be more organised and develop more skills. I have been making more complex shapes and also learning about making my own glazes  whilst trying to focus on quality not quantity.

Selling pottery in 2023 really feels like something substantial and not just a means to fund my hobby, I am still waiting sometimes for a sale so I can buy a bag of clay or fire the kiln, but overall I feel more optimistic about my skills and have more interest in what I make.

I never charge more than it costs to make to cover the materials and bags of clay and I feel if I want to take this further I have to charge a more realistic figure so that I could aim to give up some of my full time other job hours that pays the bills.

That in turn would also increase production as I only have evenings and weekends to make anything.

Urchins gallery have offered me a permanent place in thier Ross on Wye Gallery HR9 7AB

If your interested to see my process, here I am January 2024 making a jug with a lid which I will add a tea infuser to later


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